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SEE DEMO VIDEO –  FT Jumper Clamps create a massively, boner-inducing feel, without the intense pain caused by other clamps. Durable and light-weight, these macho tit-tuggers lock on with micro-grip technology. They have over sized pads that grab a nice chunk of nip, and stay put.   Plus, they are connected by a Flex Silicone strip that’s way better than chain. It won’t get caught in your hairs, and feels good against the skin. It’s just long enough to tug on or hold in your teeth! These hungry helpers will give you the jump you need to crank your engine...

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Fleshjack – Tantus Zing

Zing is a comfortable, cordless anal plug ribbed for anyone’s pleasure. It uses a powerful yet discrete water-proof vibrator to provide waves of stimulating pleasure, and the flared base means that Zing will stay put even during extended play. Visit FleshJack Store and select ANAL...

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SEE DEMO VIDEO –  Part hobbler. Part spreader bar. Nothing makes a sub feel submissive more than being helpless! Slap this puppy around the wrist and ankles and watch the cock sucker squirm!   Put your bottom grunts in this, and then make them hobble around with their butts all raised like livestock in heat. Once you’ve had some laughs, toss your grunt back on his ass, raise him skyward and screw him senseless. They even come with enough room for your own hands to lock on and ride him hard. He’s powerless to resist! These extra durable restraints secure...

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SEE DEMO VIDEO –  While other rim chairs have 4 legs, the T-Bone only has 2, for freedom of movement. Anyone who’s ever tried to reach for that rolling bottle of lube will tell you…having your arms pinned to your side sucks. Now that’s a thing of the past. Told to reach up ‘n work the top’s tits? No problem! The T-Bone adjusts to 3 different heights, so you can get deep inside that hole, without sacrificing comfort. Its kwik to assemble and fast to stash away… from nosey, prying eyes. Visit Fort Troff Store and find this item by...

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SEE DEMO VIDEO –  There’s butt-loads of positions your ass can get laid, but none can even come close to matching the convenience and durability of the new FT Porta Plow. Exclusive to the Fort, this extremely light-weight and portable sling is perfect for you on-the-go fuckers without a place to hang a sling.   The FT Porta PLow, gay sex sling, is built to keep the bottom’s legs up, comfortably supported by a sweat-proof neck brace and backed by a plump detachable pillow. The sturdy nylon straps hold your legs up, resting against thick pads, while you lie on...

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