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SEE DEMO VIDEO –  FT Cum Lube is the closest thing to actual jizz in a bottle. Thick and creamy, just like the spooge wads left dripping from our foreheads!   Fort Troff blended this exclusive hybrid formula with the long-lasting power of silicone and the easy to clean factor of H2O-based lubes. They mixed it up to create the look of real cum. It has a nice slick feel and no weird chemical taste or smell, like some others do. FT Cum Lube plays nice. It’s condom and toy friendly, and won’t stain your sheets. Visit Fort Troff Store...

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SEE DEMO VIDEO – Rigorously tested and unanimously approved, nothing beats the staying power of our pure high-grade silicone lube. Designed to last thrust after thrust, it doesn’t break down under water. Unlike a a lot of silicone lubes, FT Grunt Oil is never sticky and it has a silky smooth feel. Super concentrated, and it never dries out. With a new flip cap bottle, there’s no more fumbling around in the dark looking for the damn lube cap. Simply click to open and click to shut. Visit Fort Troff Store and find this item by typing 51258 in search...

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