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SEE DEMO VIDEO –  Here is the Boxer Jock. It sports a fully formed pouch that supports your meat and an open back that frames your ass in a fresh-as-fuck way!   FT GRUNT undergear is the highest reviewed product at Fort Troff. They broke all the rules and want be THE place you go for undergear. It has a soft and sexy feel with incredible stretch. The pouch area is made of mesh, so it breaths for all damn day comfort. You get 3 Boxer Jocks Visit Fort Troff Store and find this item by typing 00446 in search...

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Crafted from SMOOTHSKIN neoprene, it stretches and molds to your body like a second skin for unbeatable comfort. This Harness has a good deal of stretch, plus you have 3 snap adjustments for the shoulder and chest, so it’s really easy to get the perfect fit. Care is super EZ. Hand wash in cold water and very little soap. Rinse and lay flat to dry. Made just for Fort Troff, the NEO Bulldog Harness rocks! Visit Fort Troff Store and find this item by typing 02900 in search...

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FT Grunt gear has infinite possibilities, thanks to the modular concept. The basic chassis can be customized, depending on how horny you are. Choose your pouch, from 5 snap-on options. All pouches work with all of the gear in the Modular Collection. The Chaps are made from body-hugging nylon-spandex. Best of all, your meat is perfectly framed by the Jock Armour Cock Ring. It frames your meat and curves to fit your anatomy. Designed to look hot and keep you boned, Jock Armour is made of an uber-stretchy blend of TPR and Silicone. Pouches sold separately. Visit Fort Troff...

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Why not just RELAX and make a damn mess? This Waterproof Playsheet is the answer. The light weight sheet is 100 pct waterproof. Made of PVC, it can take PLENTY of abuse. Throw it on the floor, the hood of your car, over your bed, or in the front yard…and go BALLS from with no worries. When the mayhem is over, just put it in the washer. You can even put in the dryer at low heat. It measures 54 inches by 72 inches, so you get 27 square feet of coverage. Visit Fort Troff Store and find this...

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This harness makes your shoulders look broad, with straps leading straight down to your cock. Even with pants on, everyone will know this harness is strapped to your junk. The beefy cock ring is made of a stretchy TPR-silicone blend that warms to your skin. You forget it’s on, while your dick stays big and boned. When the pants cum off, you have a fat, swinging rod ready for action. Visit Fort Troff Store and find this item by typing 13925 in search...

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