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SEE DEMO VIDEO –  With this sturdy 4-finger grip handle, you are in control of the toy and there’s no from of control slippery fuck-ups. Guide it home to his sweet spot. Tops worldwide know the problems of holding on to a slick and lubed dildo, while trying to ease it into a hole. The damn thing slips and slides around and there is nothing to hold on to. The Brass Knuckle works with any of the FT Sticky Bombs. Just pop from the standard Sticky Bomb suction bottom, and insert the Brass Knuckle. Visit Fort Troff Store and find...

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SEE DEMO VIDEO –  Here is the Boxer Jock. It sports a fully formed pouch that supports your meat, and an open back that frames your ass in a fresh as fuck way. The sleek poly/spandex fabric has a soft and sexy feel with incredible stretch. The pouch area is made of mesh, so it breathes for all day comfort. You get 3 Boxer Jocks for one insane price. Waistband accent colors are Red, White, and Blue. Visit Fort Troff Store and find this item by typing 00462 in search...

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You get everything you need to start your fuck marathon in 5 minutes. Adios to chain swinging and clanking! Now you can fuck without waking up grandma or the neighbor’s dog. With the new Version 3.0, you get the Rock-Steady Stand, the new Ballistic Sling with a pillow, and re-engineered clank free nylon straps that adjust easier than ever. Save over $115 with the kit! Here is what is included: Rock Steady Stand 3.0 Ballistic Nylon Sling with Pillow Industrial Nylon Straps with Stirrups All necessary Clips Visit Fort Troff Store and find this item by typing 42930 in...

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SEE DEMO VIDEO –  Nothing gets a Grunt all hot and horny like a sweet butt paddling. Bent over. Pants down. Ass up! “PLEASE Big Daddy…Give me TEN more!!!” The FT Slap Jack is pretty much damn near the most perfect paddle ever. Made from durable, dual ply stitched heavy vinyl. Slap Jack has not one, but two slaps of vinyl for double the impact. Perfect for newbies to ass whacking, the Slap Jack can deliver a nice wallop with a warm lasting glow. Start from with a light slow rhythm, and then gradually build up harder and faster, until...

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