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FleshJack has taken its #1 selling male sex toy and made it even better. The Flight is sleek, compact, aerodynamically designed and discreet, making it perfect for travel and storage. The Flight comes in two distinctly different textures: The Flight Pilot and the Flight Instructor. Visit FleshJack Store and select FLESHJACK TOYS –...

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SEE DEMO VIDEO –  When it comes to bed bondage, having more is always the best option. Easier than rope, these straps are perfect for those who want to add even more options for complete immobilization. Need extra straps to firmly anchor your bound-up grunt fuck so his hole is squarely locked in position? Want something that easily attaches to the ring of that ball stretcher so you can pull those nuts down towards his knees? Looking for additional straps to hike his hands and heels up far and wide across your bed? This Xtra 4 pack of fully adjustable...

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SEE DEMO VIDEO – What dude doesn’t love brandishing a big, hard-on between his legs? Now, you, too, can add real power to your very own pulse-pounding erection. In fact, this battery powered penis pump is specifically built to help you achieve solid results, with ease and in a matter of minutes! With this incredibly cool, hi-tech large cock pump, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and feast those eyes on the growing size of your hot swollen member! Visit Fort Troff Store and find this item by typing 64701 in search...

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This has to be the best ass lock ever. The ball is weighted to give you a delicious Xtra full feeling. The exterior is premium stretch silicone, so you can lock n load with ease. With that heavy ball up your ass, you’ll feel this Ass Lock like no other. Visit Fort Troff Store and find this item by typing 72693 in search...

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SEE DEMO VIDEO – You’ve never felt a silicone dong this life-like. Made from premium silicone, its engineered to be realistic in both size, shape and feel. Built like a guy who’s made to fuck, as soon as your ass slides around one of these hi-end hole stuffers, you won’t know the difference. These dual-density dongs will pound your prostate like the real deal. The outer layer is spongy and super soft. The inner core is firm enough to dick you hole and luv you long time. Want an even hotter experience? Soak it in warm water and it’ll fell...

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