SEE DEMO VIDEO –  Nothing gets a Grunt all hot and horny like a sweet butt paddling. Bent over. Pants down. Ass up! “PLEASE Big Daddy…Give me TEN more!!!”

The FT Slap Jack is pretty much damn near the most perfect paddle ever. Made from durable, dual ply stitched heavy vinyl. Slap Jack has not one, but two slaps of vinyl for double the impact.

Perfect for newbies to ass whacking, the Slap Jack can deliver a nice wallop with a warm lasting glow. Start from with a light slow rhythm, and then gradually build up harder and faster, until he’s slut-putty in your hands! The Slap Jack even comes with a sharp-looking anodized gun metal “D” ring that hangs as well off your belt loop as it does on your wall.

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