SEE DEMO VIDEO –  There’s butt-loads of positions your ass can get laid, but none can even come close to matching the convenience and durability of the new FT Porta Plow. Exclusive to the Fort, this extremely light-weight and portable sling is perfect for you on-the-go fuckers without a place to hang a sling.


The FT Porta PLow, gay sex sling, is built to keep the bottom’s legs up, comfortably supported by a sweat-proof neck brace and backed by a plump detachable pillow. The sturdy nylon straps hold your legs up, resting against thick pads, while you lie on your back, like a good little bitch!

Once the bottom’s legs are strapped in, simply adjust the center pad behind the neck and pull the end of each adjustable nylon leg-strap to lift them sky high and show off that glorious hole! It’s that quick and EZ. You can adjust the pillow to a horizontal or vertical position, whatever feels best.

Cockdogs and asslicks all love the simplicity of FT Porta Plow, and you will too!

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