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SEE DEMO VIDEO –  Here’s the first ever P-Spot toy that moves and wiggles in your hole. Revolutionary technology makes this the ultimate in prostate stimulation! The Revo Intense P-SPOT is ergonomically designed to literally lock in and rock your hungry hole. It works the prostate and taint simultaneously, like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Innovative rotating gyrations and an array of multiple settings deliver a deep down sexual massage. Plus you can add a throbbing vibe. We’re talking 6 stimulation modes and 2 shaft rotation speeds here. Forget battery worries. Revo Intense P-SPOT charges with a magnetized USB charger,...

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SEE DEMO VIDEO –  Now any shower is ready for douching, in seconds, in your home, in your fuck buddy’s apartment, or the hotel. The FT Porta Shower Shot is a premium quality kit, with everything you need. The ingenious design clips on to the top of any wall-mounted shower head, and even most hand held shower devices. You never have to mess with shower head plumbing again! Quality engineered with a velvety silicone funnel bag and a generous 6 foot hose. The FT Porta Shower Shot, shower enema, is designed and engineered by Perfect Fit. It provides a safe...

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SEE DEMO VIDEO –  Here’s the best way to juice your junk! These hyper-elastic nylon straps are super stretchy and conduct electricity lightning fast. What’s more, they’re EZ to cinch up tight around your cock or balls. Keep in mind FT ElectroBands are UNIPOLAR…meaning ONE point…so you’ll need 2 to create a current pathway between them. No worries. There’s 2 in the pack! Visit Fort Troff Store and find this item by typing 80077 in search...

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SEE DEMO VIDEO –  Unlike most strap-ons, this one is made for men only. It is designed so your cock and balls can swing freely, so no smashed nuts and no chafing on your cock!   Strong and secure, the FT Cock Harness holds any of the dongs from the Fort Troff Real Deal and Cyborg line. You get over 40 ways to pound his hole! FT Cock Harness has a wide range of secure adjustments. Tighten to get the right fit around the waist and under the leg…like a body-hugging jock strap. Strapped and secure, you can thrust with...

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SEE DEMO VIDEO –  There is no finer neoprene cock ring around! NEO cock ring warms instantly to your skin temp. It flexes and bends with every thrust and still delivers support where you need it.   With 3 snaps you can go from all-day comfort to TIGHT n RIGHT in a flash. Choose between 6.75 inches long, 7.25 inches long, and 8.0 inches long. The quality of snaps is unbeatable…smooth and precise…made of high tech plastic that will never rust. Safe with all lubes! Visit Fort Troff Store and find this item by typing 12892 in search...

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