SEE DEMO VIDEO –  Version 2.0 of the FT Fuck Machine is now equipped with a bigger motor that delivers over 20 PCT more torque. It seriously ramps up the push for when you need it most.

Superior power is just the beginning. Most fuck machines have controls that are too damn sensitive. The big grippy dial has a good range. The idea is to go slow…carefully increasing the speed of the thrusts, and that’s what this machine does, while delivering a good “basic” 2 inch back-and-forth stroke.

The machine will work with any of the FT Sticky Bomb dongs…over 25 to choose from. From our Realistics to the Cyborg range…only Fort Troff gives you this variety of pounding cocks.

Mounting and adjustability are also important. The FT Fuck Machine is anchored by 4 oversized suction pads. Any slick surface will give you a stable ride. Shower walls…slick table tops…hood of your car!

The shaft that holds the dongs is designed for ease of adjustability. While you can’t do a full-on vertical mount, you get a good range of horizontal options for insane doggy style fun.

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